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Vote for Romo?


Voting is open for the Bartleby Snopes short story of the month. Feel free to vote for my story “Shit,” or vote for any other story. Here is my story. Here is where you can vote. If elected, I’ll do my best to outlaw dullpoetryvoices and list poems.


I heart flash


or at least, like it lots. Been having fun with it since I stared writing it in October. Bartleby Snopes was good enough to publish this flashy-type thing just the other day. If you ever coach baseball or softball, NEVER tell your young player to point their back elbow up. Never.

New(s) flash


Thanks to Kathleen Kirk for inviting me to have some work featured in Escape Into Life. I have a poem from When Kerosene’s Involved, and two new flashes. One is about baseball. The other is about words. Does it get any better?

Growing up a fan of the WWE: foreshadowing my life as a poet


As of three days ago, I’ve had this blog for three years


It’s had three different names.

But not pretentious names like a poet with three names.

Met some fine folk as a result of this place.

1. Thanks for reading.

2. Thanks for commenting.

3. Thanks for your support…


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I’ve been watching a lot of golf during the last year. I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of getting older. During this time, my favorite golfer has become Bubba Watson. Today, Bubba won golf’s most prestigious tournament, The Masters. I admire Bubba for a number of reasons. He’s a solid man who isn’t afraid to express his values and beliefs. I’m learning to be more open in regards to this. I’m working on not worrying so much about what others think. I also admire Bubba because he’s different. He isn’t the traditional, conservative, boring golfer. I try to write like that. I try to bring a freshness in my writing. And while I don’t swing a blinding pink club like Bubba, I try to swing that club in regards to my writing in the metaphorical sense. Here’s to you, Bubba Watson. Here’s to you. 

This. Is. Genius. HOW have I not seen this…?

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