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Typical Tuesday




Sabrina Orah Mark on the prose poem – via Black Warrior Review


I wish some bully in a playground would ask me, “if you love the prose poem so much why don’t you marry it?”  And I would say, “but I have married the prose poem.”  I would say, “He is the most handsome man in the world.  And he is wise, and kind, and good, and he treats me like a queen.”  I would say, “If I could I would marry the prose poem every day for the rest of my life.”  And then my voice would get serious, and I would ask the bully if he knew up until about ten years ago it was illegal in this country for a white Jewish woman to marry a prose poem?  At this the bully would probably cry and try to run away, but I would catch him by the collar and tell him the prose poem and I now have a beautiful son.  I would show him photos of our beautiful son.  “He too,” I would say, “is a prose poem. He speaks to the shadows.”




Sabrina Orah Mark said she’d write a blurb for my second book of poetry (prose poems), When Kerosene’s Involved, forthcoming from Black Coffee Press. She is one of my favorite poets. To have her words on the back of my book is quite an honor.

I leave for Charlotte in two weeks. I’ll come back with an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry.

I’m a quarter of the way through Moby Dick. Pretty stellar writing.

I haven’t been writing as much as I usually do. MFA prep getting in the way. Got lots of stuff upcoming in January journals though.

Received my second Art publication. Below is one of the pictures.

December is nice. I like the cold.

Completely in love with this woman’s words…


Before the BlazeVox fiasco, I asked Sabrina Orah Mark if she would consider writing a blurb for my book. She said yes. But I withdrew the book from Blaze, explained the situation to Sabrina, and asked for a raincheck. If all goes as planned, I hope to contact her very soon and ask if I can cash in.  She’s one of my absolute favorite poets in the history of all things poetic. I hope she says yes again. There’s not another poet alive I’d rather have a blurb from. Amazing…

Claudia Rankine is B O M B


I was blessed, yes blessed, to work with Claudia last semester in grad school. She exposed me to, and taught me volumes. I feel I wrote my best poems ever under her. I had a nice chat today with a friend. Claudia’s name came up. Ironically, I was reading some of Claudia’s poetry today. I need to find that zone again. That zone where I’m able to “deepen the poem and make it fill up.” I’m going to reread some of her poems, as well as Lyn Hejinian, and Sabrina Orah Mark. I can’t wait…