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I’ve Moved


I’ve decided to close up shop here at wordpress. Been a great three years. Thanks for reading.

Gots me a real website. You can now find me at┬áPlease visit (?)…



Soft Launch


I am now the owner of I’ll use that as my professional ­čśë writing website. Still have lots to do there, but I’ll also still use this. Okay? Okay. Now head over to┬áThat’s

Vote for Romo?


Voting is open for the Bartleby Snopes short story of the month. Feel free to vote for my story “Shit,” or vote for any other story. Here is my story. Here is where you can vote. If elected, I’ll do my best to outlaw dullpoetryvoices and list poems.

Better than looking at a picture of a fireplace. Merry Christmas, y’all.


Typical Tuesday



In “honor” of James Franco signing a book deal with Graywolf Press, I give you… my Creative Writing class Christmas Tree (decorated days before the big announcement)



Oh Christmas JamesFranco Tree, Oh Christmas JamesFranco Tree


The Star of our tree

The Star of our tree

via Wikipedia – 1600-1650 in Fashion


In the early decades of the century, a trend among poets and artists to adopt a fashionable pose of melancholia is reflected in fashion, where the characteristic touches are dark colours, open collars, unbuttoned robes or doublets, and a generally disheveled appearance, accompanied in portraits by world-weary poses and sad expressions.