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Vote for Romo?


Voting is open for the Bartleby Snopes short story of the month. Feel free to vote for my story “Shit,” or vote for any other story. Here is my story. Here is where you can vote. If elected, I’ll do my best to outlaw dullpoetryvoices and list poems.


I heart flash


or at least, like it lots. Been having fun with it since I stared writing it in October. Bartleby Snopes was good enough to publish this flashy-type thing just the other day. If you ever coach baseball or softball, NEVER tell your young player to point their back elbow up. Never.

Someone likes S***


I’m superhappy my first fiction (maybe it can be labeled “creative nonfiction”) piece, “Shit,” has been accepted for publication by Bartleby Snopes. It goes live in December. In the meantime, I plan on writing more flash/fiction. Gracias to Heather Mingus for this newfound fictiondom kick I’m on. Still gonna write the poetry, but the new stuff is welcomed. I went on a ride today and took some pictures at El Dorado Park. Below is my ride. Zoom.