Apologies in Reverse
FutureCycle Press 2019

Waving goodbye to any past requires re-examining lands of inadequacies. It’s once again exploring worlds where losing your footing becomes the normal way of walking. It’s where haunting memories are made and not able to be forgotten. It’s where 90’s MTV meets racial inequality. It’s where razor-sharp imagery and wit dissect the guts of a man who knows his reflection in mirrors is all too honest. It’s where this book of prose poems finally puts it all behind by saying so long, forever… but not really. (sample poems from the book)

It’s my pleasure to welcome Daniel Romo’s newest collection, “Apologies in Reverse,” into the distinguished canon of American prose poetry. Whether contemplating the social and political discord of the 1990s or chronicling the turbulent journey from teenager to man to poet, these finely crafted treasures are ambitious. There’s a fierceness here, tempered by an abundance of wit and wisdom, empathy and eloquence. Romo has mastered how to “speak a language” that pulls him from “the sidelines,” and we’re more than ready to “listen and take notes.” This is a book to read, reread, and remember!  — Mary Koncel


When Kerosene’s Involved 
Mojave River Press 2014

Surrender the sweater vest, lose the loafers, pop the collar. These are not your grandfather’s prose poems. Nor are they your father’s. They belong to a new generation. A generation that values poetic craft, fresh language, and images that burn. These prose poems maintain a controlled, consistent voice, despite the many colorful subjects explored. Fairy tales go awry, pop culture is pimped out, lovers take leaps of faith that can only end in injury. Surreal worlds and crisp words create an artful violence that’s vital like oxygen. The voice of these poems commands your attention. He walks up to you, looks you in the eye and socks your gut and guts your socks. And you are winded, and you look at him, and he simply walks away. And you realize, you liked it. ​(sample poem from the book)

The prose poems in Daniel Romo’s debut collection read like trees and trees of scorched photographs: hot, fragmented, and alive like leaves. Walking through this strange forest is the poet on fire asking, “What if there is no heaven?” Asking, “Why?” Asking for prayer, and surrender, and the faces in the ash to come back all at once. These poems shake like a world up in smoke, and mourning for beauty.  — Sabrina Orah Mark


Romancing Gravity
Silver Birch Press 2013

The poems in Romancing Gravity navigate through worlds (and words) nestled in nostalgia, rooted in the uncanny, and prime with pain. Striking language and rich images frame gangbangers, classrooms, and family, while trying to carry the burdens that come with being alive. These are poems of baseball and breathing, of heaven and healing. The speakers of the poems wander from one world and into the next, looking down to find their footing, and looking up for proof that they exist.  (sample poem from the book)

Daniel Romo’s Romancing Gravity is a terrific collection—at once edgy, comical, and big-hearted.  I was immediately drawn to his streetwise grit, his luminous vision of urban America. These are poems that swagger, that “boom-boom sound” and leave your ears ringing. — David Hernandez

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