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Okay… I give up.


In case you haven’t figured it out based on my previous posts, I’m writing a poetry book about IKEA. Each “poem” in the book is somehow IKEA-related. I’m almost done with it. I hope to send it out by summer. Maybe someone will publish the book. Maybe the poems will just live on in online journals (Here is the latest published poem.). Maybe IKEA will take notice and pay me NUTID refrigerators full of money not to publish it. That’s what I would do if I were them. You listening, IKEA? That’s what I would do…


About Daniel Romo

Author of Apologies in Reverse (FutureCycle Press, 2019), When Kerosene's Involved (Mojave River Press, 2014) and Romancing Gravity (Silver Birch Press, 2013). I'm partial to prose poems. Alliteration. And fragments.

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